Friday, 25 September 2009


Kazimierz Dolny - a small town on the wooded banks of The Vistula River - escaping a persistent plague of mosquitoes was a problem.....

The town founded in the 14th century had a strong Jewish community until World War 2

The Rynek (Square) with the arcaded Houses of The Przbyla Brothers (1615) and their Renaissance facades

Kozlowka - 18th century baroque palace

The reason to visit Kozlowka Palace was its extraordinary collection of Socialist Realism Art which spread across Poland during Stalin's era

'Goodbye Lenin' - statue sculpted by Dimitri Scharz which stood in the town of Poronin from 1950 - 1990

Lublin - a shabby city which has a gem of an Old Town (Stare Miasto) - decaying buildings are gradually being restored

An ungentrified street in Lublin's Old Town has a haunting air

Sanok - a small town in Southern Poland. The surrounding countryside was of more interest.....

A cycle along the Icon Trail dotted with small villages, many still having ancient wooden Orthadox or Uniat churches as thier focal point. The village pub at Mrzyglod

The square at Mrzyglod

Hlomcza - Greek Catholic Church of The Sobor of Virgin Mother (1859)

Dobra Szlachecka - Greek Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas (1879)

Traditional methods still prevail

Ulucz - The oldest wooden Eastern Rites church in Poland (1510) sits on top of the legendary Debnik Hill.....


Church at Tyrawa Solna (1837)

Church at Siemuszowa (1841)

Back at Sanok, The Historical Museum had many fine icons rescued from abandoned Uniat churches. Depiction of Heaven and Hell - 'The Last Judgement' (early 17th century) by Sad Ostalozny - from a church in village of Lipice

Wedding celebrations block the road

Walking over the border from Poland to Slovakia

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